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Religious Bankruptcy in the Modern World

Religious Bankruptcy in the Modern World 


Jahiliyyah connotes a condition in which conceptual stupidity and behavioral backwardness prevail. Jahiliyyah does not refer to the Arabia before Islam only. It can take place anytime and anywhere. There are some signs of jahiliyyah that we should be aware of such as moral degeneration, social disintegration, religious bankruptcy and others. 

Religious Bankruptcy in the Modern World

Religious bankruptcy refers to whatever beliefs or acts that displease Allah. As we know, the objective of religion is to please Allah alone. But other beliefs such as Jainism, Hinduism, Christianity and others are not pleasing Allah. These are the signs of religious bankruptcy:

a) Shirk

Shirk means associating partners with Allah and worshipping those partners beside Allah. Other belief system like Hinduism believes in so many gods and goddesses or deities. This is an example of Shirk.
Our religion, Islam teaches us to worship Allah alone and that is what we consider as a religion. What is shirk is not considered as a religion.

b) Kufr

Kufr refers to the denial of the truth. The other people of the other belief system knows that Allah is One, Allah gives ni'mah but they refused to accept Islam as their way of life. Kufr is a sign of religious bankruptcy. For example, when somebody becomes rich, he enjoys his life and forget his religion. He does not pray, and claims his achievement was made by himself, not given by Allah.

c) Superstitions

Superstitions are the blind following of traditions. Superstitions is also one of the signs of religious bankruptcy. Why? 
Because it is a kind of blind following to what forefathers said to be true. In contrast, Islam encourages its followers to use their intellectual power to judge what is right and what is wrong.
The example of superstitions people nowadays following is the 'feng-shui' to create a harmonious house.  


In conclusion, the religious bankruptcy in the modern world comprises three elements: (1) shirk, (2) kufr, and (3) superstitions. Whatever belief systems that contains these elements cannot be considered as religion. This also means that jahiliyyah is still occur in this modern world and not only in Arabia before Islam.

Reflections on the Prophetic History, 2014. (IIUM)

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