Wednesday, April 4, 2012

*Unsolved Issue

Moving to the video room after few minutes waiting for the lecturer at the class. We need to seat there watching the speech-lecture video. (In English, which brought the feeling of 'tak faham' and more). Mula-mula tu memang rasa 'semacam' sebab mind set said yang bakal tak faham even a thing from that video. But, few minutes later, Alhamdulillah, I got the points.

What is actually the video all about?

Okay, the speaker was telling about the Unsolved Issue of Palestine.

Speaking about the issues of Palestine, mestilah cerita pasal those arrogant Jews, their distractions and so what ever. 

the Palestine's flag

the latest map of Palestine

The Jews, they are some kind of-don't deserve to anything. Their rights seem to be like 'unreality'. It is stated in the Chapters in the Quran (but I can't remember).

The story of Jerusalem. It is the Holy land for Palestinians. It is the capital city for the Palestine. And, the Holy land is for Palestinians. But, unfortunately, the Jews stressed that Palestine is their land. They forgot their own distractions. 

the city of Jerusalem

The Holy land is reserved for those who living there, doing good deeds, not for those who living there;killing people, burning other people's villages,take over their lands,etc. But, they still said that the land is their land. (wt* la those Zionists).